Finally =)

This´s been on my mind a lot and all the stuff I wanna write comes up when you dont have a chance to file them (same with emails / letters).. But finally!
My own pc is quite slow, it´s also quite small so decided to check those instructions from my work pc and also drop some lines.. sorry boss!

As the ”blog name” says 666places to visit.. Yes, there are too many places I wanna visit (I havent count though so dont make me do list.. 😀 ) but that also describes my taste of music 😉

But back to travelling..
I had years I couldnt travel at all cos I injured my hand, had some surgeries but also had to take long sickleave & had to fight for the money (Kela u know) so when I got to the school, got a job again, opened a ”whole new” world to me: I was able to travel!
Some people have passion for food, some to music & mine is getting around, visit some favourites & find new places!

I have tens of stories & thousands of pics, so it might take lil time – just wait & see 😉

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