Estonia (Tallinn – Pärnu) stuff

Estonia, Estonia
Have been there so many, many, many times so I don’t really think that´s even traveling anymore.
So going to Tallinn is like going to shopping mall- in deed!!
Nowadays going to Tallinn is either going to shopping or drive through.

My first trips to Tallinn were years back, my grandma took me with and we went to the ferry and jumped to the bus and went to Mustamäen tori! That was so exciting!
She bought food and I bought cd´s and some clothes and chewing gum!!
U heard me 😀 They didn’t and still don’t sell those good gums here.. though now am more careful what I eat, i don’t buy any of those aspartame – shi*t anymore!
Luckily few years back got known what kind of poison that is and didn’t first want to believe but after quitting that and seen the results, i don’t want to eat or drink anything that has that! and I also suggest you to check..

So I did some travels with my granny, my first trips to Tallinn I had with her.
Good old times 😉
Unfortunately my grandma isn’t here anymore so I can share some stories:
I was underage when I took those trips with her but when she wanted to have a drink at the bar and so she ordered some for me too, when the bartender asked my age ma granny said I know how old she is and I want to buy her a drink and they sold it!! Vodka and juice and umbrella 😉
Also I had a backbag and she bought some liqueur, vodka etc and cos she couldn’t bring all by herself I was carrying some of the bottles. And I didn’t think there´s nothing wrong 🙂
I told my mom years later about those and she was amused!!
My mummi (grandma) was quite a girl!! I have some of her pics now and she had old money from different countries and no doubt had great stories..
I wish I was older when she had the 1st stroke and got aphasia. I was only 21 and didn’t ”care” much about ”old ppl” stories and history.
I miss her a lot!! It´s almost 8 years she past away (January) she had her last stroke on X-mas Day, that was last day she recognized me and the necklace she had given me..
Also the same day our family friends dog got puppies and spoke about those at the funeral & one of them came to my family. That´s a whole new story though.

Artikkeli jatkuu mainoksen jälkeen

Besides those trips I also took a trip with my friend.
Cos we weren’t major yet, we could´t take a real cruise so we had to take one ferry to Tallinn and stay night over in a hotel and come back with different ferry, from Muuga.
Well we stayed at Viru and had the room high up there!!
One of the few memories: sitting at the window having a cigarette & a drink, looking at the city.
We also were so touched when the hotel screen welcomed us by names –
so easy to please, lol 😀
And we had company of Viru Valge.. ended up to a night club and next day felt horrible- sitting at the bus first and then the boat..
We had Pringles and soda enjoying them on the ferry´s floor.. huh!
I don’t think I have taken a shot of Viru Valge after that & it´s sure been awhile..
Next morning we still had some left of the 80 % & of course didn’t want to waste it but couldn’t also legally bring to Finland so we had to figure out how to get it here & we got the way- but I keep my silence.. 😉

I do have some pics of the trip somewhere in those boxes but there is also a picture captured my head where we are giving that bottle a drive on the hotels corridor – putting that bottle to the trolley. Great memories!!
So if you mention Viru Hotel +/or Viru Valge that is a way to get me laugh 😀
but also to feel lil nasty- still 😀

After that hotel trip, I have been there few times just for a day cruise (24, 20 hr, hockey, x-mas etc.) but enough of those, we all have done those, right?!

Then those several drive-throughs to Latvia, Lithuania etc
People say Tallinn is south Helsinki, and that is quite true.
When we drive to Riga and elsewhere it´s like being in Finland..
When we hit the border and hit Ainazi and Neste/Hesburger combo- it feels like going home & I don’t mean that gas-station and fast-food LOL
Same way going back home, that is the sign that holiday is over even though we would have few days left to stay in Pärnu. Funny, ha!

Pärnu is nice but there really isn’t much to do, it´s more like to just be and relax, go to the terrace and have a drink and eat & shop for sure 🙂
Steffanis pizza´s are great and that Tiramisu.. omg!!
Also what I love there are those garlic bread sticks.. they also sell those at Arena Riga – watching hockey, having a beer & those gb-sticks.. so yummy!!

Artikkeli jatkuu mainoksen jälkeen

First time we ended up there on may/june few years back, kinda spring break.
Some weeks before that our car´s bumper got stolen.. not kidding!
It was so nicely done so it was someone who really knew what they were doing and it was assignment for sure.
Luckily we got Jani´s dad car so we were able to go! Memorable 1st Pärnu visit am saying!
But it was good!! It was so warm and sunny and lovely so we stayed one more night, happily both of our bosses said yes for one extra day!
The beach is amazing! Clear, white, smooth sand, no trees and just bright sun!!
It depends where u stay, beach is not near, we took the car there and had trouble to find a parking place, well there were some free spots but no machines.. only mobile pay & it didn’t work.
There were some ”hidden” parking lots on the other side of the road with the real machine, so yippii, off to the beach!!

That year we also had one night stand / September 2013 road trip.
We have had great weather during the tour de Europe but I remember coming closer, it was so cold and rainy and we had the extra heater on our room, but we wanted to have Steffanis pizza so bad so we went there & even ate outside with heaters and blankets..
well it´s a summer holiday, what can u do 😉

This years holiday we also stayed but we took apartment instead.
And it was nice one with nice money 🙂

Only few ”criterion” we have, to have a (private) parking place for our car, own bathroom and wifi if possible and of course a fridge is no harm.

Lower budget is the key but still I don’t book us the lowest ones.
I know some of our places are kinda places some ppl would never stay.. 🙂
Even though they are not crappy or anything!
Just don’t want to spend a tons of money for a luxurious room/apartment where we are about to sleep and eat some some & not spend a lot of time..
I rather spend my few euros to few trips than for a one fancy one.

This Sunny Sunday- apartment was close enough to Pärnus ”old town”. We also had gated yard to park our car- it was small yard so lil tricky but we made it 😀
I had few places to check and do some shopping on my own, while Jani stayed at our place to finish his school report- which he managed and got the diploma!! Yippee!!
Unfortunately there were no Terra Nova anymore.. I was so looking forward to buy some clothes!! That was a huge disappointment!!
A second one.. we didn’t meant to visit Pärnu this time cos wanted to stay in Riga!!
I checked before we left if there are any hockey games yet and there wasn’t- instead they had some Basketball tournament.. no ring,ring on my or his head, even though we passed Riga while heading south I told him there are no games cos the ball-tournament..
If we would have thought, maybe we would have found a room to stay.. but we didn’t check until few weeks later in Warsaw.
Only few 1000 $ & up fancy rooms for 3-4 night- so guess twice..
Am not a big fan of basketball so didn’t think that would be that popular.. LOL
Good thing is, we got to relax with nice place in Pärnu, found good Georgian redwine, different cheeses and crackers & enjoyed!! It´s so cheap outside Finland!!
And of course, had to buy a cake!!
They have good strawberry & chocolate ones!!
Plus I was able to save a lots of money, since I didn’t get to shop..
so with those money i can pay my next trip 😉

But don’t get me wrong Estonia is ok.
It surprised me last time, when we went to do some shopping.
But had some hours extra time to go around so before heading to eat & do our shopping, we decided to visit the Old Town, for the first time-really.

Artikkeli jatkuu mainoksen jälkeen

We went to Kiek in de Kök (the Cannon Tower)
Views were nice!! You could see the town and the sea and also peek to ppl´s kitchen 😉
They had also exhibition of old weaponry since years back, miniature of the fort, old-timer ”punishment” weapon devices, old guns etc.
They also have a cafe up there, but that was closed then.
On every floor there´s someone to look for the area but they also can tell you some stories about those articles. You can also book a guide for whole tour.

Artikkeli jatkuu mainoksen jälkeen

After Kiek-Köök tower we meant to go and buy some Total Flames cigars but there wasn’t, even though that was on the list 🙁 But we got some other cigars! Good ones but lil disappointing cos been hunting those Total Flames quite enough.. Of course we should have checked the list before left the tower cos there was a shop near that.. you learn ha!
Those TF we were hunting also in St.Petersburg.. but that trip is another story!
After some low-carb bread shopping and few Red Bulls we headed to Rocca Al Mare – to eat and visit Prisma 🙂

Found this burger place few trips back and been eating there while visiting Tallinn. Pretty much only place we know there but those burgers are like TGI Fridays (in Riga) so yummy!!
Am talking about Mack Bar-B-Que! J had Hunger-Tamer-double-burger and I had normal!
They come with coleslaw & also we took some fries and house lemonade- so fresh and not full of sugar, I had one with mint&strawberries & J took blueberry! Excellent choices!!
You pretty much pay the same price than in Finland you pay at Mc Donald oslt. but this was a tasty meal and you don’t leave hungry!! Also the service is good!! If you go to Rocca Al Mare and are about to eat; try Mack Bar-B-Que!!

There is also one visit to Tallinn- we have actually stayed night(s) over.
That was 2014 and Super Rally!! Unfortunately am running out of time and I need to find some pics too so I will post about that later!!

Few pics from Pärnu- spring break may/june 2013

And some from Tallinn- fresh pics- from shopping trip winter 2015

That bird, he/she was there like posing with ppl and sure well fed 😉
That was so funny, tilting the head and moving to ppl who may have some food 😀
Birdie was also at the tower, most pics taken from the tower, nice views ha?

Niin ja muutama sana suomeksi:

Eesti/Viro kuinka haluatte:

Siellä on tullut käytyä niin monta kertaa että sitä en osaa matkailuksi mieltää- en vaikka siellä viettäisi muutaman yön paluumatkalla kotiin muualta, on vähän kuin jo kotona.

Tallinnastahan sanotaan että se on kuin etelä-Helsinki, no totta.
Suomenkielen lisäksi meininki on muutenkin hyvin kotimainen.

Sinne me mennään kun halutaan shopata edullisesti (verrattuna Suomen hintoihin) ja toinen kun ajetaan läpi mennessä muualle.
Näitä drive-through reissuja on tullut useampi kymmen, monet niistä suuntautuneet Riikaan, osa pidemmälle (kesälomat) ja ollaan jopa vietetty jonkin sortin kevätlomaa Pärnussa (en muista kyllä miksi ja miten päädyttiin).
Mutta pidin kyllä Pärnusta.
Siellä ei ihan hirveesti tekemistä ole, hieno ranta ja vanha kaupunki.
Aikaa relata.
Me oltiin 2013 kevätlomalla Riia Maantien varrella hotlassa (samoin takastullessa sillon kesäreissulla 2013) joten sieltä ei ihan lyhyttä matkaa rantsulle ollut, autolla mentiin.. Parkkipaikat sillon oli jotain mobiilimaksullisia ja ihmeteltiin missä normi maksuautomaatit..
Löytyi tien toiselta puolelta onneksi vähän piilossa normi parkki ja päästiin beachille!
Valkosta, sileää hiekkaa ja sininen meri! Hienoa oli!! Kannattaa käydä. Noihin ihaniin pitkiin, valkosiin rantoihin ihastuin eka kerta noilla Latvian reissuilla.. Huikeita!!
Hotlat muun muassa monet vuokraa pyöriä (tai ainakin tietää paikan josta saa) ja se on oiva tapa kierrellä Pärnuta, mennä rannalle etc.

Pärnussa tuli käpättyä siis suht paljon, ihmettelemässä vanhaa kaupunkia, terassilla of course ja syömässä hyvää ruokaa!! Stefanin pizzeriaan oli pakko mennä kun sitä kehuttiin ja olihan se!! Isot, mehevät pizzat! Eipä jäänyt nälkä.
Ois melkeen riittänyt yksi pizza meille kahdelle!!
Ja se on jo hyvin!! Tiramisu.. sitäkin oli pakko kokeilla, oi joi!!
Entäpä ne valkosipuliset voileipätikut.. rasvaa & hiilaria- pakko olla hvyää 😉
Semmonen setti ja bisse/Somersby kylkeen niin oih!!
Ja kakut?? Siellä on ihania kakkuja kaupassa + kahviloissa ja maksaa paljon vähemmän kun täällä, kokeilkaas, suklaa ja mansikka pala, ihan super!!

Ei käyty siellä toisella puolella ollenkaan (kait sillä virallinen nimi on 🙂 ) tai no ajettiin autolla tullessa läpi.
Sillon oli silta kiinni/hidastettu ja iso osa kaduista suljettu kun yhdellä pää-kävekaduista paloi vanha puutalo-hotelli..
Vielä samana iltana oli sama hotla Bookingissa varattavissa ja ilmoitin sitten sinne että hei- ootteko tietoisia.. ettei kukaan tuu sinne ja ei oo sitä majapaikkaa.
Noi vanhat puutalot on hienoja mutta just ton takia en oikeen tykkää niissä yöpyä..

Tallinnassa on tullut käytyä niin monet kerrat kaiken maailman risteilyillä niin silti se yllätti!
Käytiin viime shoppaus reissulla loka/marraskuussa Kiek in de Kök (kurkkaa keittiöön) tornissa ja maisemat oli hienot!!
Siellä on myös näyttely, vanhoja aseita, kidutusvälineitä yms. Tosi mielenkiintonen.
Joka kerroksessa on työntekijä, muutamassa kerroksessa istui niin hiljaa nurkassa etten edes tajunnut että siellä on joku..
Onneksi huomattiin ajoissa, ennen kun J päästi henget puhumaan 😉
Sieltä saa myös oppaan tai kyllä ne ”hiljaiset” työntekijätkin kertoo jos on kysyttävää!!
Ylimmässä kerroksessa on kahvio, oli kylläkin kiinni mutta hieno paikka!!

Vieressä on myös se Neitsyt-torni, sielläkin oli porukkaa terassilla!
Vaikka oli vähän vilponen. Sinne ei nyt kavuttu, oli aikamoinen kiipeily tonne Keittiö-torniin, välitykset tälläselle töppöjalalle oli vähän kun kunnon jumppaa 😀
Saapahan ainakin syödä burgerin hyvällä omalla tunnolla! hih 😉
Mutta tuolta Neitsyt-tornistakin saa ruokaa & kuulemma hyvää. Kesällä varmaan hieno!!
Oltiin jo päätetty et kun torneiltu niin ajetaan ettii sikareita (ei saatu Total Flamesia mutta muutama muu hyvä) ja sitten Rocca Al Maareen- Prisman kautta syömääm.
Roccass on se mieltsin hyvä burgeripaikka Mack Bar-B-Que!
J otti Hunger-Tamer-double-burgerin ja ahneuksissani (aina) nälissäni (aina) meinasin ottaa saman.. mutta monista vahingoista viisastuneena otin normaalin!!
Ja sekin oli loistava!!!! Ja ”talon oma lemonade” ihanan iso, ei sokerilla täyteetn töpätty ja oikean makuinen!!
Kesäloma makuja.. ikävä Bratislavaan jne 😀

Ko. burgeripaikka löydettiin muutama matka takaperin kun käytiin siinä eläintarhassa ja autonäyttelyssä Roccan toisella puolen.
Melkeen ainoa paikka joka Tallinnassa tiedetään ja jonka burgerit on kuin TGI Fridayn Riiassa.. niin hyvää!! Suussa sulavaa ja ne perunapalat ja coleslaw.. Yks mulle heti,kiitos!! 🙂
Ja hei samalla hinnalla kun mäkkiruokaa täällä mutta oikeasti maukasta ja ei jää nälkä, eikä tuu nälkä yhden röyhtäsyn jälkeen..
Jos eksyt Roccan suuntaan ja oot nälkänen- kokeileppa Mack-Bar-B-Queta!!
(PS jos on vkonloppu/joulu tai muu kunnon shoppailupvä, saattaa olla jonoa hieman sisälle mutta palvelu on ystävällistä ja homma toimii nopeasti)

Yllä olevat kuvat english tekstissä on Pärnun / Tallinnan reissuilta. Kuvia on matkoilta satoja lisää ja täytys käydä kamera, vanha tietokone, uus kone ja puhelin etc läpi..
Homma joka jostain syystä lykkääntyy.. saan yhen kuvan sieltä täältä pois vaikka samasta ois +5 eri otosta..
Ihan kuten en osaa kirjoittaa lyhyesti, en osaa valita kuvista niitä nro 1:ä ja tehdä hommaa tiiviisti.. SORRY 😀

En koskaan muista että olen ollut Tallinnassa yötä enemmän kuin kerran (se Viru kerta)
vaan olenhan.. Super Rally 2014!!
Mistähän lie johtuu ettei sitä meinaa muistaa hahhahahhahahahhaha 😀
Hieno tapahtuma, upeita bändejä, hyvää ruokaa ja juomaa……

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