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Christmas greetings from Latvia


It was our first Christmas here but wont be last if we get to decide!!
This roadtrip was everything we expected and even more. We stayed first night in Jurmala which was nice but so cold! Out and inside! It was so cold downstairs, at the breakfast room that we joked it was first time we didnt have to worry about the food temperature! Tea was hot and next minute you were able to drink it & am not kidding! Riga was super pretty during this season & it was snowing too a bit, which is what I ordered for X-mas (i dont care about that unless it’s X-mas) 😄❄️

Lots of stairs, good food, not too crowded places, things to shoot, shops to shop, hot drinks and hot date! What else can you really ask for?!
This was our X-mas present & it was one of the best for sure!!

It’s hard to leave here, even though this was our 4th time here and altogether 5th to Latvia this year!!
It’s our home away from home Baltic, so cant really blame us!!

Talking about those, we have been talking about and missing back to our home away from home Balkan, so maybe we get to visit Serbia too 2019 😉

Now we need to go back home & to work, thank goosh there’s only two workdays this week😅

More stories & pics coming up, stay tuned!
Happy Holidays ☃️   – Mimmu –