Bye bye passport… snif ;)

I got my current passport 2005 so I was lucky to have it for next 10 years! =) August 2005 – we went to pick it up with my sis and her huspand and ended up (after though 😀 ) to a small cafe/bar ”Selli oslt” to have some drinks cos it was damn hot! That was a cute tiny place near Kasarmitori and the service was great, we also had some food there but I dont remember where we ended up after that.. but I do remember that my pic on my dear passort has made many people smile (well they´ve tried not to laugh..) 😀 and yeah that is lil amusing to me as well have to admit! 😀
But come on, can anyone honestly say their pic is not goofy-looking?? 😀

That passport is something I wouldnt like to give up but it´s a must.. First of all I do wanna travel back to Russia this year!
We went to St.Petersburgh last August and it was gorgeous!!
Day cruise (St Peters Line), too lil time!
Liked the ferry, drinks on the deck, bar Cuba (drinks and cigar oijoijoi), good food, nice people and nice cabin & nice prices =)
So I highly recommend that (more pics and stuff about it later)!!

Why I need new one now is cos some kinda winter holiday is coming up soon and I am not sure yet where we are going.. but there is one place that I have given a lots of thoughts- Albania!
Some travelpages says 6 months and some say 3 months is enough, and no need for Visa if you have bio-passport.. which I dont have..
So started to check police stations in capital region and it suggested Jan. 27th at nearest station.. Que?? No way!
I was ready to go and wait for that about 1-3 hours (if no appointment is booked) but found out there are few time available in Espoo and I booked, for next Monday!
So tomorrow I must take new pics and that amuses me already- I am not the person who can be serious 😀
So that will be interesting, last time I took those in a shopping centrum in that do-it-yourself-machine and my mom & my friend were outside the ”box” and made funny noises & faces.. so this time I will go on my own.. 😀

Artikkeli jatkuu mainoksen jälkeen

This passport has taken me to many, many cruises to Estonia and Sweden, to the States, one night stands in Paris and London too, so many times (that I cant say without checking) to Latvia, as well to Lithuania & Poland plus to Czech Rep & Slovakia (road trips), by plane to Germany, Serbia and BIH (last summer holiday) and that cruise to Russia..
So no wonder I dont want to give up using this passport.. soooo many great memories <3
But I rather go and get the new one now and pay that 50 something € than get stuck to the border (as happened to our partymember last year in BIH border- luckily he got there as well – and it only took an hour waiting back in Serbia 😀 ) and possibly ruin the holiday!

Which lead me to request:
Not 100 % sure yet but I suggested Tirana as our winter holiday destination- if my boyfriend is sold and gets the holiday on those cheap flight days – we are going to Tirana SO if any of you who reads this far has some tips (not those my friends cousins neighbours babysitter told me) to Tirana – to go or not to go oslt. (or something like that) please do tell!!
I have read some pages through but would like to hear some more 😉

any promises?? 😉

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  • Reply micciz 25.2.2016 at 18:12

    Voiko passiin kiintyä?? 😀
    Näemmä, mulla oli ilo olla tuo passi 10 vuotta!!!

    Nyt on uusi kökkö passi (punainen&tönkkö) voimassa vain 5 vuotta eli kun reissaa esim. Venäjälle/jenkkeihin etc. niin pakko se on uusia aiemmin kun 5 v välein.. rahastusta sanon minä!!
    Vanha passi vei moniin, moniin reissuihin: niin ekat reissut Venäjälle kun Serbiaan ja Bosnia-Herzegovinaan ja lukuisille eri risteilyille & ties minne 🙂
    Ja passin nouto vei myös uusin paikkoihin kuten Cafe Selli jossain Tähtitornin lähettyvillä.. Kävin siskon ja sen miehen kanssa uusimassa kun piti jonotella ja päädyttiin Selliin!! Loistavaa palvelua, loistavaa ruokaa ja juomaa 😉
    En tiiä onkohan se paikka enää Hgissä mutta just tommosiin ei muuten tulis eksyttyä ellei ois käyny hakemassa passia!!
    Eli turistina omassa kaupungissa on joskus hyvä kävästä, saattaa löytää jotain uutta ja mielenkiintosta!! Ens kerralla kun sulla on aikaa & mahis niin läheppä käppäämään omassa kaupungissas ihan
    ”turistina”! 🙂
    Meijän opettaja koulussa kertoi että ne tekee sen miehen kanssa niin vissiin kerran kesässä! Lähtee Helsinkiin päiväksi, käy turisti-infossa kysymässä minne kannattaisi mennä ja käy Kauppatorilla yms. hengaamassa myös!
    Ite teen samaa (miinus toi infoilu) et tykkään vaan käydä käppää ympäri stadii välillä- ilman päämäärää & mikä parasta, meillä kun on sukulaisia ulkomailla niin ne kun tulee tänne ja haluu lähtee tsekkailee paikkoja (Kaivari, Suokki etc) niin tulee itekkin ihan turisti olo kun näkee noita paikkoja freshein silmin! 😉
    Vaikka en oo mikään Suomi-matkailu fani niin joskus tommonen on just niin hyvä!!

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