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Blog ´ n languages

If you´ve been reading any of my post, you have notices some are in English and some in Finnish and some mixed..
When I created this blog I didn’t think much (as u can see LOL)..
Some would say ”what a mess”! Well,watcha gonna do!
If I´d change and type just perfect Finnish/English and well thought things- that wouldn’t be me! Writing should be fun (and informative too, sometimes :D)!

As mentioned I have lots of stories and hundreds of pics to share, just need that time and right energy! I don’t wanna just write cos I have to!!
Same goes with my ”language choice”! Sometimes it´s easier to write in english and sometimes in Finnish.. which ever comes to my mind first when I start to bang the keyboard 😉
That is how it goes with me!

My first posts are kinda messy cos they are mixed like Passport, St Petersburg, Estonia- u can find Finnish version either below that post or on my comment box.
I noticed that ”mess” and started to make two separate posts!
Keeping all in a nutshell isn’t me either, I try though.. 😉

Nitpickers, am sorry for your grey hair 😛



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  • Reply micciz 1.11.2016 at 16:26

    Article pic; one test for my school, that was some hearing and typing test
    –> inconsequential words, I think I got all correct ?

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