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Big news! We made it – it is official now 🥳

It has been a crazy journey but (hopefully) it was worth to – we are now house owners 😅
We started looking for houses just less than a month before Covid situation started, on late Feb.
Just a week before our Kaliningrad trip (beginning of March) we went to see a house 200m away from us & talked with my aunt who is a realtor about selling our current home.

That house we went to see had too small yard and no privacy (rowhouse) at all, so we decided to continue the search after our trip.
Glad we didnt buy anything then cos Covid situation came with full force and later the spring JP got laid off for awhile and it wasnt most steady situation with my job either.
So we started to look again on July.
We made two offers from a house (which had no plumbing yet but it had great location & was cheap), but the realtor was hard to work with and we lost the house.
There were some bad customer service from our current bank too (had to wait a call for almost 2 months etc.) and now we are customers for new bank (with ”private bank clerk”) and great service.

We had a chance for another house but it was too small and needed instant repair too, so we let that go.
And we went to see multiple other houses but the market was crazy.
For example there were 50-60 ppl waiting to see one (perfect) house and it was sold in hours, offer was +20ke than asking price – someone really wanted that house.

Crazy house market 2020
As I said house market was insane, even those realtors we met were surprised!
There were so many people wanting to buy houses that they ran out of them.
And prices got higher and higher of course.
If you werent able to give any offer within few hours after the showing in a good house you lost the game.
Of course there were houses like that Hinsdby house which needed renovating, some big fixes too but it was too late for that.
We had already spent our holiday and fall has started so buying a house to fix wasnt option anymore.

We decided to take a breath and forget the househunt for 2020 and renovate our current apartment, look for houses next year again and then we saw this and got it! It wasnt easy but we did it  🍾

It was really close that we missed showing too.
Realtor was late, it was raining alot, it felt it is middle of nowhere that there is no way we’d move there.
We already went back to our car and were ready to go back home but glad we didnt.
We liked the house inside, it looked bright and big enough, but there were many others too so we just took a quick look and went out, didnt want to get our hopes up and not ending up liking this house like with Box or Hindsby houses- it sucks to lose places you start to like and make plans for…
We knew those others were interested to buy this (heard them talking) so we had to make quick move.
Glad we had that new bank clerk helping us with those loans, without her we’d have lost this too.

So yeah, there were bumps on the road, it sure has been stressfull last few months I can tell you that –
but everything is signed, paid & official now!
If all goes well, we might be moving sooner than end of December (what is in contract).
It depends about the guy who lives there now when he is willing to move.
We have already moved there 15 boxes, our weight bench set & motorcyckle..
He was so nice to let us do that because he is living there alone with two empty rooms and we have one bedroom apartment full of stuff..

So now you know why I have been away more: been dealing with these things, cleaning, painting and packing after work! I also have thrown away so much old shit, gave lot of clothes to my friends kids too.
There is still tons of stuff to go through.
I dont like changes a lot and moving sucks, but it is great to get rid off old shit.
I dont want to carry there things that have been in a bag or at the box in a storage for years, if I havent used or missed that thing to the trash it goes!

Well we need to buy some things there too, like furnitures, garden table set, new TV (cos old one isnt going to work there and it is over 10 years old and about to break), new bed, some dishes… list is long!
We already went to Ikea to look for some things, I already know what I want to my office.
But we´ll do real shopping after we have moved there so we know what we need and what fits there..
Maybe this pretty plant from Ikea?! 😀

Here are few photos of the property, I posted them on Instagram earlier.
They look little blurry here but at least you gte some idea how the house looks like…

What you think?

PS Yes, there is a pool and hot tub on the back yard and quite a big field too.
A great place for our granny dog🦦

She is going to love it there too am sure, no stairs, own yard..
Only thing im not so excited about is neighbours, their house is so close (who the heck builds a house right to another)!! But JP is already planing a fence there so we get a lil privacy by the pool area 🌲

House photos are from the realtor but other pics are mine!

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