Suomen suurin matkablogiyhteisö

Am back…

I got an invitation to a Fairtrade- travelling event or so and I accepted.. I dont know why this time, had few before too.
I had to give all my infos there and went to check also this so-called-blog & realized I have ”started” this Nov. 2014.. and I really had nothing done.. I hear people are busy but two posts in one year is lame, dont u think?! HUH

So I am back and will stay this way 😀

I have done some cool trips also this year and would love to share them!
So I need to get home and get my pics and notes and some coffee and start banging the keyboard- so sorry am lil late, little bit patience, please 🙂

I am keeping my thumbs up and hope you all will as well, I am waiting news from the school- I saw the program by chance and had the group ”test” and also individual interview and yesterday they had the ”board meeting” and this or next week they let know if i got in..
That school would be a dream come true, I dont know how to describe it cos there is many choices to focus on but basically it´s ”tourism” & you can choose different kind of courses and there´d also be practical training and language lessons and all the other cool stuff..
So i really want to get in so all the possible thumbs up.. por favore 🙂Im-Back

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