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About me
Just graduated from Omnia with the title of tourist service provider/travel agent.
But I still dont know what I really wanna be/do when I ”grow up”.
Am sure it has something to do with travelling & pictures.. Just a wild guess! 😉

Before I went back to school 2016 I was office worker financial administration/production manager at Booking Agency in Helsinki.
Cos the economic situation my job became part-time (and later the company moved to mid-Finland),
I needed to figure out something, so I applied to school.
Did my internship at Travel Agency Traveller & travelled to Ukraine as tour leader (first time in my life) & graduated from school with great diploma.

I worked whole summer at the cafe/lunch-place in Loviisa & did extra shifts at grocery, went to driving school (passed) and had 3 ½ amazing weeks riding the roads in eastern-Europe with my boyfriend JP.
Then I went back to Ukraine with another group, after that been working at those shops to pay my bills and thinking what next?!

Artikkeli jatkuu mainoksen jälkeen

And bit more..
Calling me always 29- something years old. Age is just a number and I sucks with numbers so.. 😉
Have great sense of humour, fun loving, always ready to go, but I dont get to travel as much as I want to..

My passion is travelling for sure, especially roadtrips!
Photography, history, rescue-animals, cars, reading & writing are my things.
Fave tv-shows Top Gear, Fast’n Loud, Globe Trekker (that Ian Wright is hilarious) and other travel shows like Anthony Bourdain for sure.
If not looking and booking trips, am reading and checking out new places, reading travel stuff, following blogs, trying to write one, having brochures ordered or just taking a look at places at Booking.

Love icehockey, been crazy hockey girl since I was a teenager.
Car races (used to be big F1 fan but it´s not the same anymore), motobikes, others- where something really happens. Lets put it like this: golf or something like that for example arent for me 😉

Music taste is hard & heavy stuff, but I can and listen else too – you would be surprised!
Not any sleepy kind of stuff anyway 😀

Have tons of stories to share & pics to post but had so little time (u know the story) but now that am done with the school & done running from a job to another I might have more time to give a little love to this too 😉

Artikkeli jatkuu mainoksen jälkeen

Here to post mostly about my travels, sharing pics & hopefully tips.
Just trying to keep a nice & simple blog, but I can be pretty chatty sometimes (work in progress-case).

Funny fact: Love travelling but have a huge fear of flying but I still do that every now and then!


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