Suomen suurin matkablogiyhteisö

A falling leaf is summer´s wave goodbye

A falling leaf is summer´s wave goodbye..
I should have name this fallish and / or foolish thinking but saw that quote and loved it!!
Yeah, summer is over, autumn is here and now what?!
Another 9-10 months till our next big thing –> summer holiday 2018..
It is going to be a long wait.

Although it is pretty outside, sun is showing & leaves are shining people are writing facebook updates like:
it is depressing, fall sucks, it is so dark, cold etc.
It could be so but I have always liked this season and am also always trying to find something good about pretty much everything.

Bit chilly weather, refreshing rain, all those beautiful leaves, bubble baths, staring at the moon from sauna, candles & coffee with chocolate&cinnamon on the couch after a walk with the dog, watching Top Gear on tv.. I would describe this season like that.
Even though autumn is my fave season, I still miss back to our summer holiday, lazy Balaton beach days, adventures in Sibenik.. and I even miss back to Krka, even though it was crowded..
Those Top Gear & other clips are real examples of my life but not my every day life.

I started this article at one of my fave places in Finland, in a small light blue lakeside cottage, with a great view to Suomijärvi, rain was banging on the roof, as I was banging this keyborad..
I wish I could visit there more often, stay more than just a weekend.
I think last time was on Midsummer.. That is bit sad.
Was just working all summer as mentioned on my previous post. Well it was kinda my choice but still..
This is one of the things I have been thinking a lot lately.
Is this all life has to offer??
Is it really worth to work all the time: do 9 to 5 & some extra on evenings/weekends?!
Could I find a job I could do also from home if wanted / a job I would also really enjoy?!

Well, I enjoyed my time at the summer cottage.
Enjoyed spending time with Jani & his parents, fresh air, my time in sauna, heated with wood= the best!
Also had the best view, full moon was there!
Didnt see those shooting stars this time but the starry sky was pretty amazing!!
Dont get to see that too often! And those moments <3
Need those more & need to cherish those more..

As mentioned my last post was about my ”crazy year”.
Working a lot, making & changing plans, finishing school, going to driving school, amazing holidays & some other trips.. I have experienced a lot, even though this year isnt over yet.

If someone would have told me couple of years ago that I would go back to school, doing presentations in front of the class solo, or doing guided tour & ended up liking those- I would have not believed it.
And not in a million years would have imagined to be a tourleader in Ukraine. But I did all those.
Now I have been to Ukraine twice.
First was Kiev- Pervomaisk- Odesa- Kiev and second, I just got home from, was Kiev-Chernobyl/Pripyat-Kiev. Amazing trips!!
I had my first trip there in May and I was super nervous, second wasnt that bad.
Of course thinking like who´s going to be there, how it´s gonna go but I wasnt freaking out anymore.

I was of course reading about places etc. but wasnt worrying about things – if something comes up it comes up & then we deal with that.
If I would have been worrying what could happen it would have ruined the time there.
Even though I wasnt there on holiday as some might think, I had some free time as well, but I was still thinking about my group, was available 24/7 & woke up in the middle of the night to check my phone (just in case I had missed a message or call- but I didnt 🙂 ) and helped them with bus routes, restaurants, interesting places, lost phones.. I loved every minute.
Now that I have seen Kiev again plus been to Chernobyl/Pripyat I think I have even more to offer, so wink, wink am ready to go again if you need a tourleader 😉

And what comes to Ukraine, I really like it there as well, loved Kiev even though I dont agree with their politics, but same things with some EU-countries..
I do wanna go back & told Jani we have to go there, he would enjoy his time there am sure.
Kiev is easy to love & there are a lot to see.

I love autumn, it is so beautiful, kinda peaceful but bit wistful season.

Peaceful cos I dont feel like I have to work 24/7 to get enough money for our summer holiday, I dont have to stress about that or force myself to crosstrainer that often 🙂
Wistful because summer holiday is now just like a faded memory and it is way too many months till next big one..
Well, there is some long weekends I think, perhaps a winter holiday & Easter before but bitten by a travelbug this is hard..
Homecoming wasnt that horrible this year (cos that Ukraine trip) but it feels like it is getting harder every year ”to get back to normal life”.
It feels like time goes faster & faster but it is not a good thing, getting older & thinking is this really all??
I dont remember how many years I have ”promised” myself I am going to work less on summer & just enjoy more about it, but when the summer comes, I feel bad if I dont take all the possible (extra) shifts am offered & I end up working ”non-stop” again..
I know what most of ppl are thinking- just dont take those.
Well, easier to say than do..

Dont get me wrong, I dont mind working, I like to have things to do, otherwise I get bored.
I injured my hand 10 years ago and couldnt work for long time & had problems getting a job, even though my hand got better so maybe that´s why when I see possible shifts I wanna take them all & it is hard to say no?!

Am also thinking if I would work less, would I enjoy our holidays less?!
Do I value our trips more that am giving now 200%??

Working less, having more time for other things and people is something I started to think about even more this fall cos someone close to me got sick.
Thank goosh it seems the surgery was enough, they got all out.
Walking and talking is normal, she is in pain but luckily there is no signs of any after surgery disease they mentioned before the operation.
She is back home and we are waiting the final results from the pathologist.
It looks all good now but still thinking what if??
Before the surgery I saw her and she said she wasnt ready to go yet, that there is still a lot to see and do.
Am so glad ”she is back”. I wasnt ready to lose her either.
And I can get her.
I had similar thing about seven years ago, almost forgot it seems since did I learn anything..?!

My fear since I have been a teenager has been (along with getting sick) that I would ”wake up old” and notice that life has just pass by and I havent done anything & it is too late..
You know what I mean?!

Anyway, thanks for reading.
If you have similar thoughts or just any thoughts, drop a comment, I would love to hear from you!

Meanwhile enjoy this beautiful season, life & each others <3

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