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Welcome to Mungolife, my little kingdom of things positive and fashionable in my life. I’m originally from Helsinki, Finland, currently residing and studying in London, United Kingdom. I’m currently running my own company and studying Fashion Management at University of Arts London.

The story of Mungolife began in August to 2008, after reading some of the first fashion blogs in Finland. I wanted to connect with people and felt that reading a blog was not enough, so I started my own. At the moment my blog is one of the most read blogs in Finland and I have enjoyed every step of the way, witnessing the growth of my blog and the way it has changed my life.

Nowadays Mungolife is a mix of lifestyle, fashion, inspiration and style. Within the years the content has changed quite a lot and I consider it an inspirational page of everything that I find pretty and positive. I aspire to become a better photographer, a better writer and a better blogger in the future of Mungolife. I hope you all find inspiration and lovely moments on my page and enjoy your time here.

It is such a joy to see on a daily basis how many amazing readers from all over the world I have and I am very grateful for all the possibilities that having this blog has given me!

So thank you all for your support so far and hope we’ll have great years ahead of us!


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