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This is Mungobaby. A blog dedicated to all things baby in the our life. This is an additional project to the Mungolife-blog where we hope to share our thoughts about expecting the baby, thoughts on parenthood and of course all the joys of having a new family member.

The story of Mungolife began in August to 2008, and at the moment it is still one of the most read blogs in Finland. As the co-operation with Rantapallo had continued a whopping six years on November 16th 2016, it felt like a time to add to the family. So to speak. 

Where Mungolife is a mix of lifestyle, fashion, inspiration and Annas personal style, Mungobaby is dedicated to all things baby and has two authors. Main author of Mungobaby remains Anna, but there are thoughts, writings and ideas by expecting dad as well.

Thank you all for your support so far and hope we’ll have great years ahead of us!

Anna & Ville

anna @ mungolife.fi
baby @ mungolife.fi

instagram: @mungoanna