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Small gems in Rhodes

Wine store Marinos S.A., Old Town

This cosy wine store, hidden inside the old town, is a gem. I would love to have similar ”wine cellar” in my home (if I only had the space). There is a good selection of local and Greek wines and the interior is very inviting.imageMy Greek Me, Old Town

Stylish boutique that sells local and Greek design items. I could have spent hours in this store just cheking all the nice stuff they have. Big plus for very friendly service and for a well thought space layout.DSC_0291 (1)DSC_0290 (1)DSC_0289 (1)Clothω, Old Town

Another new, interesting boutique in the old town. Great service and beautiful one-of-a-kind traditional, decorated sandals. You can find boho style clothing and accessories from this store. We bought only a big, stunning fouta but I keep on dreaming of the sandals I left there.

DSC_0294 (1)Margaritis Car Rental, Rhodes town

We have been using this same car rental for ages. The reason why it has been on our list for such a long time is good, hassle free service and realistic prices. This year we rented a 200c scooter for 15€ a day ja Volkswagen Eos cabriolet for 50€. You can also rent bikes. Starting prices are 5€ for bikes ja 10€ for smaller sized scooters. During high season the prices are likely to be slightly higher.

Giogrios bar and cafe, Lindos

Giorgios bar and cafe is not only trendy but they also serve delicious snacks. This was a perfect place to cool down after checking out the Lindos acropolis in heat wave.DSC_0107 (1)Lindos 1

Golden Olympiade, Old Town
The best restaurant experience this year. Their soutzoukakia was the best I have ever tasted. Good selection of wines and very attentive service.

DSC_0283 (1) DSC_0284 (1) DSC_0285 (1)

Small religious place located between Rhodes and Ixia

We heard about this place from our halflocal friend and of course we had to search it immediately. This small religious place is hidden and carved into a rock. You can find this place from the beach promenade that leads to Ixia. It is not directly on the beach promenade, you have to do a bit of searching..DSC_1232 DSC_1228 DSC_1231