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    Anemos Luxury Grand Resort – Crete

    Mum likes and son likes. It’s not an easy task to find that kind of a hotel. Even though I did promise my older son proper waterslides, they didn’t exist in this hotel and…

    tiistai, syyskuu 12, 2017
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    Hotel Sukhothai – Bangkok

    Sukhothai is a Bangkok classic and Bangkok hotel inthusiasts’ dream city. You can get a five star hotel with a fraction of the price when compared to Europe or Middle East. New luxury hotels…

    sunnuntai, toukokuu 29, 2016
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    Thanos Hotel Almyra – Paphos, Cyprus

    Thanos hotels have been dragging on my hotel list as long as pictures of Annabelle and Almyra have been published on Conde Nast Traveller pages. Our choice this time was Almyra, due to its…

    maanantai, toukokuu 23, 2016