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All this time and talk about being an au pair and a bunch of people don't even really know what it technically means! So I'll share some basic info about the chores that are under your responsibility as an au pair. The term au pair techinically means that you live with a family and take care of their kid/kids for a certain amount of hours every week. You're basically a part of the family (hopefully), so you obviously have to help around in the house too. But au pairs can have very different contracts, so be sure to talk about it throught outly before getting any surprises! We had an aupair when I was 13, and I was the only kid in the house (my sister was on exchange that year) so her chores didn't really include babysitting. So here you have 3 different au pair experiences as examples of what it could be like;

1. being a big sister, about 20h/week
– cooking dinner for the family
– cleaning the house weekly
– ironing
– driving the kid to the hobbies etc. daily/ a few times a week
– basic house hold chores
– grocery shopping

2. an extra pair of hands, about 20h/week
– picking the kids home from school
– making them some snack
– playing with the kids
– emptying the dishwasher etc. basic house hold chores (not cleaning/washing laundry)
– tidying up the kids' toys

3. a full time au pair, about 50h/week
– helping with the kids in the morning, giving breakfast
– keeping a kid active for the day with games, crafts, play dates etc.
– cooking the kid lunch & dinner
– doing the kids' laundry
– tidying up the kid's toys
– helping with cleaning the house
+ babysitting if included in the contract

All these au pair contracts had 5 days working, and two days off. But as you can see, the job of an au pair varies a lot, and these are only some examples! The most typical one is number too, which often is also a great option for a gap year because the 20h/week leaves you with a lot of free time for studying and traveling around. But all of these have their pluses and minuses, as everything really! After being the au pair of situation one & two I dare to recommend it, and at least as the host kid I really enjoyed the option number 1 too! It's just about what suites you and your host family the best.


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