3 weeks of English tea

Hello mates and greetings from the Land of Tea! I've been working here (in Surrey, but basically London since that's how the people would call this as we are about 20min away from the centre) as an aupair for 1 week now, and I have two more to go of which I'm really happy about!! It's a lot different than the aupair job I did in Brussels, because there for example my work days were about 4 hours only and here they are about 10h, also my daily life is different and obviously the places are very different, but I've been loving every minute so far!! I do am exhausted actually but that's mainly just cause I never was very good with early mornings, but I also feel incredibly lucky to have gotten two such amazing aupair experiences in just one summer!! The family is lovely, I love the kids I'm taking care of (a four-year-old and sometimes a 1-year-old baby) , I've made friends with some very sweet people, I've been seeing around England and I love my very own tiny upstairs where I can see the three topa right from my bed. I've been drinking tea with milk every day, I'm almost used to getting in on the right side of the car, I can almost remember where I should check for coming cars in the traffic, I've done my best with starting to talk English politely and I've already eaten fish and chips and I haven't even been to the actual London yet and I'm already in love with this place! So so far life has been very good, even thought I've been too tired to actually publish anything (and also too tired to study- oops!). But I'll try to fix my sleeping rythm and today's break in a super fancy cinema (where you sit on a couch and you can order in food or wine or what ever you'd like – if some one will take me on a date there I'll marry them right there and then) was probably some needed help too. It's been a bit muggy today, but hey with Finnish blood even this definitely feels like summer so no complaints! I hope your summer's are going wonderfully, tea-smelling kisses from England xx

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