Brussel’s been great

So how’s Brussels? It’s amazing! I’ts my first time in Belgium and I’d definitely recomend this to everyone! I’ve been working as an aupair here in Brussels for two weeks now, and I’m leaving next Friday but I’d really just like to stay here! I’ve been so busy studying, working and getting lost in the city that it took my forbiddingly long to write this, but always better late than never!! I’ve had some technical issues so for now you’ll just have to admire the iPhone SE photo quality, but I’ll be back with more photos of Brussels for sure! And I’ve also visited Luxembourg (and met my Italian friend there after 4 years!!) and right now I’m sitting on the stairs of Gare Centrale in Brussels, waiting for my train to Amsterdam! I have no idea how long the train will take and I have no idea what I’m planning to do there haha, but it being my solo adventure just makes it more exciting!! But anyways, back to the beautiful Bruxelles. There are only so many famous tourist sights so Brussels is indeed a great destination for a weekend trip, but in my personal opinion it’s such a beautiful town that even three weeks isn’t really enough! So there are the few things everyone must see while in Brussels. I visited those, and now I’m here to give you my honest opinion! But I’ll just add to the list my personal favourites, and of them my absolute favorite is just walking around the town and getting lost. Each street is prettier than the last one, even the metro stations are works of art really, and every waffle that you’ll try is better than the last one! (remember to try the Belgian and the Brusselan waffle, the latter is a bit harder to find and it’s more expensive, but also really good and less sugary!)

– belgian fries

I honestly don’t know what is so special about them (please don’t kill me my Belgian friends!), but special or not, they do a re good and it’s something the country is really proud of so you should definitely get a cheap lunch and try them out!

– waffles

Do I need to explain this? I’m happy to, actually, I’m such a fun that I could just dedicate a whole post for the Belagian (and Brusselan!!) waffles.

– belgian beer

I’m the worst person to give tips on this, since I trust other’s opinions and I’ve tried what I’ve been recommended to! There are 1500 options I hear so please, please do try at least one of them. If you don’t really like beer but still want to take part in this tradition, try to Mort Subide! That’s a cherry beer, tastes really good and will work for both beerlovers and beerhaters!

– atomium

I mean, once in Belgium right! But honestly, at least the permanent exhibition wasn’t really worth the money. The view from the top was beautiful yes, and if you’re into the history of aviation you’ll like the museum inside too, but while I don’t regret doing it -and meeting a new friend in the line!- I wouldn’t really recommend it. Except for families, I did the atomium + mini Europe packet, and it was definitely good for kids! The mini Europe is exactly what it sounds like (full of beautiful miniatures from the countries in the EU), plus it has a small educational exhibition at the end of it, so I really do recommend it for families with kids!

– mannekin pis

The most exagerated landmark they call it. I was told in advance that it’s a forearm tall tiny statue so my expectations weren’t too high nor did I get dissapointed, but in case you haven’t heard it yet : Don’t held your expectations too high! It’s a cute statue and it’s part of the Brusselan (??) athmosphere and since it’s not far from the grande place, I do recommend following the line of tourists and seeing it with your own eyes! It has about 700 different outfits so you might see it in one of them too. Sadly it’s not the original statue anymore – I guess I’m not the only one interested in the tiny peeing boy since it has been stolen three times! Last of which ended miserably; by the peeing boy being shattered on the ground.

– grande place

No explanations needed I guess! Remember to touch (correctly!) the statue at the corner for good luck, and visit the square also at night when the lights make it a lot more beautiful even! Once you’ve span around for a few times then you can just hop on one of the streets (the one next to the statue would be my personal recommendation) and visit the souvenir, chocolate, and waffle stores on it (there you’ll also find the Brussel- waffle)!

– palais royale

I’m still a bit confused what all buildings are a part of it, but walk around it and if you see a Belgian flag at the top of the main building, it means that you’re just a few walls away from the king himself!

– galeries royales Saint-Hubert

(I didn’t and wouldn’t buy anything here, but it is a beautiful 50m hallway! So why not just quickly walk trough it and take a few pictures, since it’s right at the center!)

-the European quarter

Well, that’s Brussels after all! Walk around the huge office buildings and you can basically hear the suited up people whispering about EU decisions around you.

– eats clams

(I didn’t get to take a picture of mine but I do mean the sea creatures, not fruit haha!) They’re delicious!! Most of the restaurants a few blocks down from th Grande Place offer them in lots of different flavours, and for doable prices. But these you’ll probably find anywhere really!

– parc cincuentenaire

– especially these two fancy churches, and the other churches too

– parc Leopold

– every single park really

– the unkown streets

– the bunch of museums there are

– palais du Justice
Go for a run, visit every park that you can, eat greek food, visit the museums if you’re into them, try the fresh orange juice – machine in the Carre Four – super markets and enjoy Brussels! It’s safe, it’s beautiful and it’s tourist friendly in every way.  I recommend it from the bottom of my heart!!

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