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So hey again – nope, I didn’t disappear anywhere! I’ve just been really really really busy. I’ve been for example studying, working, practicing violin, kickoboxing, playing tennis, going to dance classes and ice skating plus also trying to spend as much time with friends as possible. And in between today and my last post here I also went to Boston, had 2 spring shows, got my orange belt in kickboxing, accepted two aupair jobs for this summer (in Brussels and in London!) and also cut my hair! So I for sure have a lot to say haha, but it’s 1:00 AM here and I just finished baking a cake for mothers’ day (which is tomorrow) so I’ll just post this as a short, quick smile from Finland and also a little introduction of this organization called Little Princesses. My long, naturally blond hair has been a part of me for a long time but I had decided that after the Wanhat-dance I’ll cut it and at the same time grow off my shaved hair at the side of my head. But when the time came, I couldn’t do it! I changed my mind just when I heard of this organization, which accepts hair donations (17cm+) and uses them to make wigs for kids who’ve lost their hair due to cancer or other illnesses. If this wasn’t the perfect reason to cut my hair, what would have been? So I cut 20cm off, sent it in the mail for the organization and by doing that got a summer hair look plus a really warm feeling in my heart! So I totally recommend this to anyone who has enough hair to donate, it’s a simple way of helping but even a little is something! ❤ So I hope you’re having a great weekend and May and I’ll be back!
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  1. me advertising this project to everyone 2. the donation getting mailed, yay! 3. one of the scariest moments of my life haha! 4. my face after the first shower with short hair, where did all the hair go??
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